The PyDay will be a set of activities and hands-on workshops for all people interested in Python and its local community, in Barcelona.

The event will, Septembre 17th, Saturday, start at 11:00 and will take until 20:00.

There will be five spaces:

  • Sala Multimèdia, for beginners in Python and programming, with or without laptops, where some introductory workshops will take place.
  • Sala Polivalent, for initiated in Python, where some more specific workshops, requiring some more knowledge, will be given. Remember to check workshops requirements, so you can bring your laptop ready.
  • Sala de reunions will be used for people willing to show their skills in CodeFights tournaments set for the event.
  • Presala might be available for ad-hoc unconferences that might appear.
  • Hall will be held for Sponsors' spaces, coffee breaks, BoF sessions, and chitchatting.

NOTICE: Unless specified otherwise in this web, the language used by speakers will be English. However, this can be agreed between speaker and audience when starting the corresponding talk or workshop.

Register HERE

IMPORTANT: When registering remember to select the ticket for the food option of your preferral, and all workshops you plan to attend.


The event will take place at Casa del Mig of Punt Multimèdia, like our monthly Coding Dojos.


The activities are :