Backend Developer

Backend Developer

You will contribute to the development and maintenance of a distributed platform that monitors the music in more than 4000 channels across the world.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Design and implementation of new features, bug fixing
  • Platform maintenance: when an angry sysadmin tells you off because a process is overloading a machine or causing network congestion, you will remain unfazed and fix the problem quickly
  • Communication with other departments: explain technical ideas to non technical people, translate customer needs into requirements

Some technical details for the curious

  • All our platform runs on Linux, with a few machines on Amazon EC2
  • Our server-side code is written in Python, with a little bit of C here and there
  • We use MySQL as a database
  • Our source code is managed with git
  • BMAT's lingua franca is Spanish / Catalan, so fluency in those languages would be a plus

If you are familiar with those technologies, great! However, they are not mandatory.

If you are enthusiastic and think you can help us make Vericast a better software, you are very much welcomed to apply!

They are looking for junior and senior positions, with yearly gross salaries between 27K and 40K.

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