Job Offers

Share your company's job offers with our community

Is your company offering jobs or scholarships? Share your offers with us and we’ll forward it to the subscribers of the PyLadiesBCN mailing list. Alternatively, you can also post them to the general PyBCN community.

To check past job offers, go to the Mailing List Archive.

To publish a new job offer:

  • Send it to pyladies-bcn+jobs at
  • Subject: Job offer: {POSITION} at {COMPANY}, where {POSITION} is the position of the job offer, and {COMPANY} is the name of your company.
  • For the body, feel free to check other job offers as inspiration.
  • If the rules are met, we’ll publish the offer!

All job offers must follow these rules:

  1. Be related to Python.
  2. Contain a good job description, including a valid role, specifying a location or if it’s a remote job, and a valid link or mail address to apply.
  3. Provide the name of the company.
  4. Provide a salary range.


  • As your email will be sent to the’s mailing list, it’s important to notice it removes all mail addresses and attachments, so, please avoid these or use substitutes, like “mail at domain”, instead of “mail@domain”, or a URL to the application page .
  • We ban cheaters. Don’t post offers in comments, events, or discussions!

To get more visibility of what you do, consider organizing a workshop or offering to host the meetup!