The gears behind one of the most active tech communities in Barcelona

After 10 years of experience organizing python-related events and more than 3000 members on Meetup, Python Barcelona (PyBCN) was officially registered as a non-profit association in 2018. PyBCN is a meeting point for all the Barcelona Python community, and we organize different monthly activities like PyBCN and PyLadiesBCN meetups and practice sessions, along with some annual events like PyDay BCN or PyDataBCN.

Would you like to be a part of PyBCN? We are looking forward to hearing from you!

How does PyBCN operate?

We have a Management Board and a Standing Committee to make decisions, and work groups to drive all the association activity.

  • Management Board
    • President: Laura Pérez-Mayos
    • Secretary: Natàlia Padilla
    • Treasurer: Mireia Álvarez
  • Standing Committee: It is mostly a consultive board and help coordinate the work groups.
  • Work groups to drive all the association activity:
    • Meetup: This work group organizes, prepares, coordinates and runs the PyBCN meetups every month.
    • PyLadies: They have been running the monthly PyLadies BCN workshops and activities.
    • Practice Sessions: This work group have been running the monthly PyBCN workshops and dojos.
    • Communication: They handle our communication channels, publishing of content, and collaboration with sponsors.
    • Web: This work group cares about our web page and its publishing process.
    • Video: This work group is responsible for the recording of the talks in our meetups and activities and the publishing in our Youtube channel.
    • Other work groups: Some work groups are formed to run a specific event, like the PyDays.

All the work groups must follow some rules:

  • Every work group must have Chair, who will be accountable for the work group work to the Standing Committee.
  • The Chair is chosen by the work group members, who must be member of the Standing Committee.
  • At least two members of the Standing Committee must be part of every work group.
  • Nobody can participate in more than three work groups.
  • There’s no other requirement to be a member of any work group.

Association documentation

Fiscal data

Associació Python Barcelona

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