PyBCN association membership registration is now open!

Hi! We’re glad to announce that the Python Barcelona association (PyBCN) membership registration is finally open :) Join us and help us organize bigger and better Python related events! PyBCN is a non-profit organization with more than 10 years of history, focused on increasing the usage and knowledge of the Python programming language. By becoming a member, you’ll support the association’s activities and programs, helping us not only to increase the number of activities, but also to improve them (i.e. getting a better recording system for the meetups) and cover basic expenses (domains, meetup fees…). As a member you must:

  • comply with the association Code of Conduct
  • pay a yearly membership fee. The current yearly fee is 20 euros. As a member, you can:
  • Have a voice and vote in our general assemblies,
  • Participate in our board elections,
  • Receive information about the activities of the association,
  • Become part of the working groups,
  • Ask questions about the association management,
  • Make use of the common services that the association establishes or has at your disposal,
  • Be heard before the adoption of disciplinary measures,
  • Participate in the government and the management of the association, its services and activities,
  • Have a copy of the statutes, and
  • Consult the association’s books. We are really excited with this new step in PyBCN’s life, and we hope that it will allow us to grow, not only in members, but also in activities and goals. Thank you!