Job Offers

All job offers are sent to the subscribers of the mailing list.

To check past job offers, go to the Mailing List Archive.

To publish a new job offer:

  • Send it to pybcn+jobs at
  • Subject: "Job offer: {POSITION} at {COMPANY}".
  • For the body, feel free to check other job offers as inspiration.
  • If the rules are met, we'll publish the offer!

All job offers must follow these rules:

  1. Be related to Python.
  2. Contain a good job description.
  3. Provide the name of the company, and direct company contact info.
  4. Provide a salary range.

To get more visibility of what you do, consider giving a talk or offering to host the meetup!

Disclaimer: We ban cheaters. Don't post offers in comments, events, or discussions!