Python Barcelona Meetup

The Next Python Barcelona Meetup will take place on the 18th of December 2014

Time/Location: 7PM at PRBB (Room : "Ramón y Cajal")

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Talks & Speakers

3 Talks/Speakers are confirmed for the next Meetup:

1) Python tips, tricks and dark magic

Python has a lot of awesome features hidden in plain sight. This talk will try to uncover some of them.

Speaker: Jordi Soucheiron

[Duration: 20min]

2) Buildbot

Buildbot: The Continuous Integration Python framework

Speaker: Carles San Agustin

[talk in English - 20min]

3) Unit-Test-Based Programming

See this article for further information: DownloadPDF

Speaker: Miguel Lechon

[talk in English - 30min]

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