Python Barcelona Meetup

Next Python Barcelona Meetup on the 22th of January 2015

Time/Location: 7PM at Itnig

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Talks & Speakers

3 Talks/Speakers are confirmed for the next Meetup:

1) SQLAlchemy

An introduction to SQLAlchemy and ORM in Python

Speaker: Oriol Andrés (@Oriol_And)

[Duration: 20min]

2) How to open a bar in Python

We decided to do everything our bar ( needs (POS, Stock, Theatre Tickets, Access control and a rotary dial antique telephone system between tables using arduinos) in Python.

Speaker: Edward van Kuik (@AlexanderBarCT)

[talk in English - 40min]

3) Continuous Integration on a large open source software: Plone & Plone 5 is here!

Speaker: Ramon Navarro Bosch (@bloodbare) - Plone Framework Team member

[talk in English - 40min]


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